Social Media

This refers to the promotion of a brand, business, or service through the use of social networking sites. This is usually done by engaging new and old visitors and customers through posts, discussions, surveys, and other in-built social media features. For example, through reels, stories, and feed posts on Instagram. Furthermore, marketers can track their marketing system and tweak it based on numbers from in-built social media analytics features. Some major social media platforms include TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit.


Facebook marketing involves promoting and maintaining a brand’s presence on Facebook via posts and ads


TikTok is a video-sharing platform that provides several opportunities for marketers. Ads and informative content can be created in form of videos


Just like Facebook, Instagram marketing involves maintaining and promoting a brand through organic posts and paid ads


Twitter is a micro-messaging platform where marketers utilize trends and hashtags to promote brands, products, and services

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